our approach:

Organic ice cream and sorbet

Certified BIOED®, our ice cream artisan Terre adélice implements a responsible purchasing policy by favoring short supply chains and promoting local expertise. Cones, as well as iced rooibos teas, are 100% organic.

énergie de source renouvelable


Our electricity comes from small French producers - 82% from hydropower, 14% from waste heat, and 4% from biomass.

Our supplier, Ekwateur, is independent and B Corp certified.

efficacité energétique

Economical and clean

Our ice cream display case and other refrigeration equipment, made in Europe, are low energy consuming and operate with clean refrigerants (R-290 and R-600a). Our only allies for cleaning and hygiene are white vinegar, black soap, and sodium bicarbonate.

recyclé et recyclable

Recycled over recyclable

Les consommables que nous utilisons sont bien sûr recyclables ou compostables (pot, serviette, cuillère en papier et bois recyclés) mais nous privilégions les produits recyclés. Nous limitons au maximum l’utilisation du plastique, c’est ainsi que nos bacs de glace 1 litre isothermes sont en carton compostable.

logo join time


We donate a portion of our revenue to environmental projects, and are partners with Time for the Planet.

 Our suppliers are also committed to sustainability:
  • Ocean52 allocates 52% of its profits to ocean protection,
  • BOS finances reforestation projects,
  • Terre adélice sponsors the development of eco-friendly packaging for its frozen desserts.