our ice creams' quality guidelines

organic ice cream in Tours

Handmade using raw ingredients

The quality of our ice creams and sorbets is reflected both in the selection of raw produce used and the expertise of our ice cream artisan.

turbine à glace - production artisanale par petit volume

Ice creams

That's why our artisan uses organic whole milk and fresh cream from the Ardèche natural park to make our delicious ice creams. We avoid low-quality ingredients such as milk powder. All the pastries incorporated are homemade. 


The fruits are added raw to maximise their flavour and make up 60-70% of the sorbet's composition. All the fruits are purchased at the time of harvest. No dairy protein is added, except for the milk chocolate sorbet from A.Morin.

Natural ingredients only

The stabilizers, which are essential for maintaining quality over time, are 100% natural : carob, guar, alginates (algae). The guar gum is a soluble plant fiber with many benefits, just like carob seeds , which are particularly rich in fiber. Color additives and other flavor enhancers are simply excluded from the recipes. As an artisanal ice cream shop, we are proud not to offer popular flavors such as Kinder or Oreo, but to highlight culinary expertise and the authentic taste of the ingredients used.

Small batch production

Our ice creams and sorbets are made in small capacity churns. These churns are designed to avoid too vigorous and bulky mixing. This process has the advantage of adjusting the recipe for each production to adapt to the characteristics of the raw ingredients - for example, the fructose content of each batch of fruit varies. 

Foaming is the incorporation of micro air bubbles during the formation of ice crystals, crucial for creaminess and smoothness. Without air, ice cream at -18°C would be as hard as an ice cube. However, incorporate too much air and the flavor of the ice cream becomes less intense while its volume increases.  Our ice cream and sorbet foaming rate is relatively low to maintain this balance ensuring both flavor and creaminess

For example, 1 liter of Carte d'Or (Unilever) vanilla ice cream will weigh 520g compared to 640g for Terre adélice ice cream. Therefore, at an equivalent volume, there is more than 23% more material in our ice creams.